Discover the Japanese Wellness Secret to Clean Beauty

Discover the Japanese Wellness Secret to Clean Beauty

What is Clean Beauty?

Owing to the constantly increasing awareness around sustainability as well as the pitfalls of synthetic products, customers are demanding more from brands. The beauty industry has been witnessing its own movement that is asking for better products for customers as well as the planet. Often referred to as clean beauty, this movement asks for products that are free from harmful ingredients. Clean beauty indicates that products are devoid of chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and artificial scents and, additionally, also sustainable and contribute to an eco-friendly planet.

Like any latest trend, clean beauty has become a phenomenon accompanied by a deluge of confusing terminology. In this blog, we look at some of the most well known and important terms you must be familiar with to be a part of the clean beauty ecosystem.


Vegans abstain from using or wearing any form of products made with animal by-products. Due to its advantages for one's health and environmental friendliness, the vegan lifestyle has grown in popularity in recent years and is becoming increasingly prominent in the beauty industry.


"Sustainable beauty" refers to goods produced with the environment in mind. It alludes to companies that make their goods without using dangerous materials or chemicals. It can entail anything from packaging your items in reusable containers rather than disposable bottles to using natural ingredients like coconut oil instead of chemicals derived from petroleum.

Sustainable beauty doesn't just have to be organic or natural; it just implies you're doing your best to limit waste and pollution wherever possible.


A word used to describe goods that have not undergone animal testing is "cruelty-free." It indicates that at no stage of the manufacturing process are the components, formulations, or finished goods tested on animals. It's acceptable to use "cruelty-free" interchangeably with "not tested on animals" or "no animal testing."

The advantages of using cruelty-free cosmetics are numerous:

  • You are encouraging moral behavior's in the beauty sector.
  • Your purchase will contribute to studying alternate safety and efficacy testing techniques, such as computer simulations.


Preservatives called parabens can be found in shampoo, cosmetics, and skincare products. Although they're used to stop bacteria and fungus from growing in these items, they've been connected to health problems like hormone disruption.

Paraben-free products don't contain parabens or their derivatives. It implies that even if a product may say "paraben-free" on the label, it doesn't necessarily mean that everything else is natural or organic. Instead, it simply means that no additional synthetic compounds from this family of components are present.

Clean Beauty Products

Beauty products that are "clean" don't have harmful ingredients. They come in a range of packages, including cosmetics, skincare, and hair care items.

Natural/organic (produced from naturally occurring components), vegan (free of materials obtained from animals), cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and paraben-free (parabens are preservatives used in many cosmetics) are the four categories into which clean beauty goods belong. Therefore, when purchasing clean beauty products, you should search for these labels to ensure that what you're buying is safe and suitable for use.

How to Incorporate Clean Beauty into Your Routine

  • Replace conventional products with clean cosmetic alternatives.
  • Adopt a routine that's effective for you, and follow it religiously!

Benefits of Clean Beauty

  • Improved Skin Health
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Increased Self-Confidence

Clean beauty is increasingly transforming the future of the beauty industry. At ILEM, we are creating compelling and healthy products that ensure a positive difference on your skin while making our skincare portfolio cleaner for you as well as the planet. We ensure that every ingredient is thoroughly evaluated for purity and efficacy and only employ the best substances meticulously sourced from around the world.

If you're looking for more information on this topic or would like to share your thoughts with us, please leave us a comment below!

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