Japanese Skincare Routine

Japanese Skincare Routine

A simplified ritual to refresh your day

When it comes to skincare routines– Japan’s are top-tier.

Not only are they simple and effective, but they’re meant to infuse intentionality into your daily routine. Your personal care routine should be something you look forward to in order to begin and close each day with purpose.

Unlike some of the multi-step routines found in K-beauty or Vietnamese skincare routines; Japanese skincare is designed to be short and sweet. The typical ritual includes double-cleansing and double moisturizing.

Let’s take a look at the basics in the steps below

Simple 4-step Japanese skincare routine


To best prepare your skin, it’s nice to first wash off makeup and sunscreen with an effective cleanser. Calm inflammation with our gel-based Gentle Cleanser to start things off. It’s perfect for delicate skin and is rich in collagen-boosting grape leaf extract.


A vital next step in the Japanese skincare routine is to nourish your freshly cleansed skin with a toner. Tighten and firm skin with ILEM’s Balancing Toner. Infused with rejuvenating yuzu extract to prevent signs of aging.


Next, it’s time to prep your skin to moisturize. Instead of grabbing moisturizer right after applying toner– it’s more effective to prime your skin with a nourishing serum. At ILEM, we recommend the Hydrating Serum because it’s full of efficacious ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and brightening Vitamin C extract.


Finally, it’s time to lock in hydration with a soothing moisturizer. Look for a gel or a cream moisturizer that’s abundant in good-for-skin minerals. To strengthen the skin barrier and lock in lasting hydration– we recommend the Deep Moisturizer.

Renew your skin with ILEM JAPAN

Infuse more mindfulness into your daily moments with this easy Japanese skincare routine. Taking the time to care for your skin not only improves your outward appearance, but it brings harmony to your whole body.

Greet each day with intention, one small ritual at a time.

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