Beauty Secrets of Geishas and their Influence on J-Beauty

Beauty Secrets of Geishas and their Influence on J-Beauty

Age-old practices for timeless beauty

Since the 19th century, Geishas have taken center stage in Japanese culture. Captivating Japanese society for centuries— modern-day Geishas continue to preserve and practice their age-old beauty rituals.

There are several lessons we can learn by leaning into these time-tested skincare routines.

Beauty Secrets of Geishas

As with any healthy habit, the first step toward healthier skin is to commit to a simple routine you can stick to. Consistency is key when it comes to optimal skin health.

(The great news is, J-beauty routines are inherently simple. You’ll find the same is true for Geishas!)

Because Geishas adorn themselves with thick makeup all day every day, and they need to be adept in cleansing their faces gently and efficiently.
Surprisingly, the most common ingredients used in their personal care routines are made from things found in an average Japanese diet.

These raw ingredients also mirror the formulas utilized in modern-day skincare, as well as what we use here at ILEM JAPAN.

For example— after Geishas remove their makeup, they then purify their skin with household ingredients like rice water , seaweed , and green tea .
Each ingredient is packed with nutrients, fatty acids, and skin-brightening benefits.

Geishas are also known to avoid harsh chemicals and stringent toners in order to keep their skin feeling soft and supple.

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